Ringcraft Training

Following our Annual General Meeting & subsequent Committee Meeting we have sadly decided to suspend ringcraft training indefinitely due to the very low numbers of dogs in the last year. We are grateful to the few stalwarts who have supported us through 2017 and we are sorry that we cannot sustain the classes which have been running for 40 years.

Our Trainers are:-

Lynne Greenhill

Lynne Loops.jpg

Lynne has owned and exhibited Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, Miniature Poodles, Australian Cattle Dogs and Border Terriers for over 50 years, she has judged most Working and Pastoral breeds. She owns 1 Champion and has owned 5 dogs that have been awarded their Kennel Club stud book numbers.

Rob Greenhill

Rob Greenhill Nepal.jpg

Rob has been showing dogs for over 45 years. He has owned Papillions, Rottweilers, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Border Terriers. Has made up one champion and gained 5 studbook numbers with his own dogs, and made up 4 champions in some of the 7 breeds that he handles, and has shown successfully in Europe. Rob is a qualified dog groomer and has been involved in dog training activities for 30 years, including ring craft, obedience, water rescue with Newfoundland's, and search and rescue training with SARDA. Rob judges most of the working and pastoral breeds, has judged throughout the UK and has passed many breed specific seminars.

Mikey John.jpg

Mike John

Mike has owned and bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers for 28 years, he has bred 1 champion and has judged the breed all over the UK, Europe and the USA. Mike awarded his first set of Challenge Certificates in Staffordshire Bull Terriers at Darlington in 2016.

Annette Mason 


Annette has, with Garry, been involved with breeding and showing Hounds and Terriers. She has more recently been exhibiting Japanese Chins and has made up a champion in the breed. Annette has judged hounds since 1970.

Garry Mason


Garry has owned and bred several breeds in the Hound and Terrier Group for over 40 years, he has had particular success in Norwich Terriers, has bred 5 UK Champions, 2 USA Champions and one Japanese Champion and has judged the breed all over the UK and overseas. Garry has obtained stud book numbers for 10 Norwich Terriers, one Norfolk Terrier and one Borzoi. Garry awards Challenge Certificates in five breeds, Afghan Hounds, Norwich Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Borzoi and Parson Russell Terriers. He will shortly be awarding Challenge Certificates in Fox Terrier (Smooth) and Fox Terrier (Wire)

Martin Sanders

30 Martin Sanders Photo 2.jpg

Martin Sanders was born into the Canine world with his grandparents owning Pekingese and his parents in the early days breeding and showing Cocker Spaniel.  At the age of 10 Martin was handed his first ever dog; a red Cocker Spaniel.  That was around 1966, starting off in child handling classes, then progressing into normal competition competing with well-established exhibitors.  Success was frequent in the show ring. 

Pembroke Corgi’s were added for a while from the “Yorken”’ Kennels of Mrs A Jackson, again success continued, and then the addition of Smooth Haired Dachshunds were introduced to the Kennel  mainly from the famous “Limberin” breeding of  Mr A Haugue, along with breeding from the “Kiedon” line of Mrs R Millar. Shortly after standard L/H Dachshunds were added mainly from the “Africandawns”/”Frankenwen” lines.  More success followed with both varieties.  Finally Martin’s passion for Whippets commanded his one hundred percent attention.  Several individuals came Martin’s way, but the ultimate was when Martin purchased Janelyn Silvatec Sixpence at sixteen weeks old who proved Martin’s hunch correct by gaining her UK title whilst still a Junior.

Martin was never considered a breeder but was content just to have no more than two dogs at any one time under the affix of “Castellcoch” and campaigned them until retirement.

Martin’s first Open Show appointment came on 1st January 1983.  It was evident that he had a natural eye for a quality exhibit.  Rapid progress within the judging world saw martin approved for his first set of CC’s in 1993 this was for Dachshunds (All six varieties).  As Martin’s judging appointments were becoming more and more frequent Martin took the decision to retire from exhibiting approximately 14 years ago.  At present Martin is approved to Award CC’s to 19 Hound Breeds, along with the Hound Group, plus Cocker Spaniels, Pembroke Corgi’s and Wire Fox Terriers. 

Martin has been privileged to be invited to judge in Australia, Malta, Russia, South Africa, Belgium, Sweden and Finland.  He has also judged in Southern Ireland and Belfast.  In 2016 Martin will have reached a milestone in his commitment to the Canine World by reaching 50 years and is still as passionate about the hobby of dogs. 

Martin is involved with several Canine Societies within the principality of South Wales.  He is Secretary of Cardiff Canine Society and the Welsh Junior of the Year plus Show Manager/Chief Steward of Pontypridd & District Canine Society, Vice Chairman of the Corgi Club and a Committee Member of the Dachshund Club of Wales he combines this with his full time employment as a Professional Dog Groomer.  

© Dave Simons 2016